Commercial Totems

Adaptable to the needs of each business

Commercial totems and displays have become a powerful tool for attracting and retaining customers in numerous points of sale. Adaptable to the different needs of each business, our comprehensive totem solution offers our clients the possibility of adding this tool to streamline the recurring management tasks of their business. From a simple commercial display to a more specific application focused on the specific activity of the business.

Registrations and accreditations through code readers, real-time waiting information, product availability and temporary offers, exclusive promotions or live draws, online shopping, product specifications through barcodes, etc. The possibilities are practically unlimited and our team is specialized in solving each of them thanks to the accumulated experience over the years in the sector.

Comprehensive project management from manufacturing to the selection and installation of the necessary components. Development of the necessary software for specific operation with statistics generator and remote content management on multiple devices.



Simplicity above all

Comprehensive product development

Furniture manufacturing, selection of electronic components, development and maintenance of specific software.

Content management

Online content management with configuration by days or time slots. Storage and expansion of content in a digital environment through a self-managed control panel.


Static presentations or guided interactive processes for different applications, adaptable to each client and situation.


Configurable notification and alert system to ensure that all processes are carried out within the appropriate deadlines.

Integration with other systems

Bidirectional automatic update with client applications.

Modular and adaptable

Allows consulting and streamlining the execution times of each campaign and monitoring all actions in real time.


Dynamic management of different devices in the same campaign, allowing customization of different projections or accesses on each of them.


Optimize time and resources

Maximization of the return on each campaign with real-time statistics.
Improved access controls through automatic registration and accreditation.
Improved efficiency of the work team, being able to increase the capacity of each employee by reducing repetitive tasks.
Improved customer experience.
Supplier with great knowledge and experience in the sector.
Turnkey project development.

Target and Timing

Who is it aimed at?

  • Retail stores
  • Hospitality establishments
  • Shopping centers
  • Clinics and health centers
  • All types of companies


6 months


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