Cronsquare Automation and reliability

A cron task is a script that is executed periodically related to different functionalities of our application including, for example, sending notifications or routine data checks.

These automated tasks perform their work and periodically report the results obtained. The main issue arises when these cron tasks do not execute and fail to notify of failure. In these cases, time may pass without realizing that our tasks are not being carried out. This creates the need to implement an external control tool like Cronsquare.



Simplicity above all


Our crons perform different tasks or checks in an application. An additional control service, in addition to those already existing in the application.

Task Notifications

Our crons notify their execution and the failures obtained. Applications subscribe to Cronsquare, which notifies the start and end of the execution of each cron through a webservice.

Efficiency in Communications

Messages of successful execution are constantly received and are ignored by the user without opening them. Configuration of patterns and expected ratios in notifications.

Conditioned Success Alert

The cron must execute correctly in order to send the reports, even the error reports. If the message does not arrive, the error is not perceived. Activation of a secondary cron in that service that verifies that the expected crons have been notified to it.

Prolonged Unawareness

The cron could go without executing for days without anyone noticing. Errors are noticed late on published or unpublished data on the sites. Sending an email or SMS only in case of an incident. The absence of this notice in the logs indicates the execution of an expected cron. Application of delays in recurring notifications to avoid bombarding emails in case of server failure.


Optimize time and resources

External service to the client in our systems.
Improves the efficiency of corporate resources allocated to these automatic tasks.
100% secure, does not store personal data.
Option to send SMS with cost based on volume.
Extensive knowledge and experience in the sector. Turnkey project development.

Target and Timing


1 month.

Who is it intended for?

All types of companies with their own infrastructure.


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