Docture Significant improvement in document capture

Docture is our specific tool for document capture that allows interaction between different participants in the process. Request the necessary documentation from your clients and agencies for different business operations through a secure platform, providing full coverage of the current GDPR regulations.

Greater agility in communication with the client by requesting the necessary documentation at any given time through a secure link. In this way, the documents are linked to a commercial reference, avoiding unnecessary information leaks or exposure of data to third parties. Dynamic registration of each access and visualization by authorized users.

Reporting irregularities or deficiencies individually through the management module. The client, in turn, can view the documentation provided for review and control through a list.



Simplicity above all

Agile and intuitive

Simple to use and powerful in functionality.

Audit and control

Docture allows auditing document access and version history.

Notifications and alerts

Configurable notification and alert system to ensure that all processes are carried out within the appropriate deadlines.

Time and resource optimization

Streamline document request management and optimize human effort in recurring documents, saving time and costs.

Integration with storage platforms

Automatic storage in the customer's chosen platform.


Optimize time and resources

Document control and access history.
Minimize time and resources in document processes, increasing the capacity of each employee.
Improved customer experience and team efficiency.
Multi-platform system integrable with desired storage platform (Document Manager, Geental, One Drive, Google Drive, own server, etc.).
Compliance with current regulatory framework.
Extensive knowledge and experience in the sector. Turnkey project development.

Target and Timing


3 months.

Who is it intended for?

All types of companies with recurring document requests.


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