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Digital Menu for Hospitality

Menio is the digital menu solution for the hospitality industry developed by Gestycontrol. It consists of a single web page designed for all devices and hosted on its own domain. It allows you to manage and control the menu of products available in each establishment. It enables you to update prices, add photos and descriptions, and manage allergen filters from a simple control panel.

It reduces production costs and provides added value to the business by offering a professional digital menu to the customer. Without advertising and updatable in real-time to different market prices or seasonal products. It also allows for quick and easy updating of the daily menu by selecting from previously loaded and archived preparations in the database. It centralizes the management of menus from multiple establishments on a single page where the offer is unified.

Menio offers a comprehensive service, from the creation of a specific QR code to the possibility of manufacturing custom stickers.



Simplicity above all


Differentiate from the competition by adding the establishment's logo and corporate color.


Avoid delays for the customer in preloading menus through our optimized page without any redirects to advertising.


Reduce fixed daily production costs by offering your customers a safe and hygienic option.


Manage the product menu in a simple way by adding only the product and its price. With the option to include allergen information, images, and product descriptions.


Optimize time and resources

Eliminate production costs for physical menus.
Improve the image of the establishment by simplifying access to the product menu.
Comply with COVID protocol by offering a QR code to access the menu, thus avoiding any unhygienic contact.
Eliminate unnecessary loading times by optimizing employee response time.
Allergen filter from the start, showing only products with the established filter throughout the menu.

Target and Timing


1 month.

Who is it intended for?

All types of hospitality businesses.


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