Occess Triple security in a single use

Occess is a security solution developed exclusively by Gestycontrol that integrates the benefits of dual authentication (OTP), protocol security (SSL), and data transmission protection provided by reverse proxy.

Due to its single-use nature, these systems are much more secure than simple password systems. Even if an attacker manages to steal a password, they would not have access to the system without the temporary access code.

All users who need to access different corporate applications will have to go through the single application portal, which will certify that all security protocols are met.



Simplicity above all

Two-factor authentication

More secure than simple password systems by requiring a temporary access code.

Reverse proxy

A reverse proxy server represents the only connection between the Internet and the corporate private network, providing anonymity, antivirus protection, data encryption, and increased connection speed.

Delegated authentication

Open authentication protocols allow a single user to access multiple applications, optimizing both the resources dedicated to user management and the tasks required for proper maintenance. This avoids each application building and maintaining its own user database.

Single application portal

The single portal will also serve as a powerful auditing tool, allowing you to know who, when, and where a specific user accessed.

Total integration

Occess will be fully integrated with all corporate applications that allow access through ADFS/OAuth2 validation, as well as legacy applications, providing all the advantages of both the Reverse Proxy and two-factor authentication.


Optimice tiempo y recursos

Mejora la eficiencia en los procesos de acceso.
Intregrable con aplicaciones corporativas y aplicaciones legacy.
Mejora de la eficiencia en bases de datos de usuarios al simplificar el acceso a cada aplicación.
Control total sobre accesos a aplicaciones.
Gran conocimiento y experiencia en el sector. Desarrollo de proyecto llave en mano.

Target and Timing


3 months.

Who is it intended for?

All types of companies with their own infrastructure.


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