Real Estate After-Sales

Complete Coverage of the after-sales process

Our Real Estate After-Sales product has been created by our team of specialists thanks to the accumulated experience in the real estate and development sector. It is designed to cover specific post-sales processes in the sector, such as incident management, communication with the construction company and suppliers, follow-ups in resolution, management of post-signature documentation, among others.

Our tool provides a private area for clients to communicate with different areas of the company dedicated to providing such services. It allows the design of multiple flows that help with efficient and satisfactory management, as well as providing tools for process control and improvement.

Real Estate After-Sales allows integration with any CRM tool of the client, interacting with it in all basic functionalities. It can also be integrated with the client's website and various supplier systems.



Simplicity above all


Guided processes for different stakeholders, adaptable to each client and situation.

Digitalization and Document Management

Storage and structuring of documentation in the digital environment, either on the platform itself or in the client's document management system.

Control and Monitoring

Allows you to control and streamline the execution times of your processes and keep track of all activities in real time.

Notifications and Alerts

Configurable notification and alert system to ensure that all processes are carried out within the appropriate deadlines.

Integration with other systems

Bidirectional automatic update with client applications. Integration with generalist real estate portals. Integration with digital signature systems.

Modular and Adaptable

Configurable tool through modules, to add additional functionalities such as client private area, publication manager, after-sales module, etc.


Optimize time and resources

Minimization of post-sales process times.
Turnkey project development.
Improved customer experience.
Improved efficiency of the work team, allowing each employee's capacity to increase.
Supplier with great knowledge and experience in the sector.
Integration with construction companies and suppliers.
Standardization of processes and automatic controls.

Target and Timing

Who is it for?

  • Servicers
  • Socimis
  • Asset Managers
  • Banks
  • Traditional real estate agencies
  • Online real estate agencies
  • Real Estate Developers


4 months.


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