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Improved Relationship with your customers

The Relaient solution brings together all the necessary methodologies to manage relationships with your customers in a single environment.

A customized solution developed by Gestycontrol that will allow you to optimize your customer interactions in an organized manner.

Relaient can identify and select your best customers, manage campaigns, generate quality opportunities for the sales team, and meet customer needs.



Simplicity above all

Digital Transformation

Relaient uses digital technology to improve the way it serves its customers, thus helping the technological reinvention of your company.


Functions and tools fully adaptable to the needs of your company.


Any of your departments will be able to identify your best customers, manage campaigns, and generate quality opportunities for the sales team.


Improves sales and management by optimizing the information shared by multiple employees and streamlining existing processes.


Provides your employees with the necessary information to know your customers, understand and identify their needs, and build relationships between the company and its customer base.


Incorporates relevant information from other systems to unify important data in a single repository.


Better data analysis and business trends with a dashboard and KPIs that allow for decision-making. Complete audit and record of marketing activity, business development, and customer service.


Optimize time and resources

Modular and adaptable to the needs of your company.
Integrable with corporate applications and legacy applications.
Improvement in customer management efficiency.
Unifies all relevant information in a single repository.
Complete audit and control of customer-related activity.

Target and Timing


6 months.

Who is it intended for?

All types of companies with commercial operations.


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