RRHH Toolkit

RRHH Toolkit The comprehensive solution in personnel management

RRHHToolkit is a modular solution for Human Resources Management

In a rapidly evolving business world, adaptability and integration are key to the success of any management system.

RRHHToolkit is presented as an advanced and flexible human resources management platform, designed to adapt and scale according to the unique needs of your company.

With a set of specialized microservices, RRHHToolkit offers a comprehensive solution that improves all aspects of personnel management.



Simplicity above all

Payroll Portal

Simplify payroll processing with an efficient and adaptable system, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Absence Management

Effectively manage absences with tools that facilitate tracking and approval, optimizing work organization.

Expense Management

Automate the expense management process, allowing for quick and transparent administration.

Time Tracking

Implement precise and user-friendly time tracking to manage working hours and ensure compliance with work schedules.

Dedication Reports

Generate detailed reports on staff dedication, supporting strategic and data-driven management.

Office365 Authentication

Securely integrate platform access with Office365, providing a seamless and secure user experience.

Mobile Document Signing

Facilitate authentication and signing of important documents from any device, ensuring agile and compliant processes.


Optimize time and resources

Microservice that offers modularity and integration.
Optimize overall productivity by adding improved operational efficiency to administrative tasks.
Advanced reports provide valuable insights for more effective management.
Universal access from anywhere and any device.
Manage online meeting rooms in a private and 100% secure platform.

Target and Timing


1 month.

Who is it for?

All types of companies with their own infrastructure.


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