Supplier Web Portal

Forget about managing suppliers

The supplier web portal aims to organize and simplify supplier management processes, which are divided into 3 main blocks.

The validation and approval of suppliers involves collecting all the information and documentation from suppliers through a simple and intuitive process that provides the supplier with the tools to do it autonomously, and then be verified by the client.

The second block corresponds to invoicing and payment management. Through our platform, suppliers can upload their invoices to start a payment process. Our tool allows integration with all types of accounting systems.

Finally, the evaluation of suppliers allows the client to assess the work and services provided by the supplier, providing a ranking of the best suppliers for each service/product.



Simplicity above all

Agile and intuitive

Simple to use and powerful in functionality.

Auditing and control

The system allows auditing of the information and documentation uploaded to the platform, as well as its version history.

Time and resource optimization

Streamlines supplier management processes, saving time and costs.

Integration with other systems

Ability to integrate with client's accounting and document management systems.

Administration and security

Fully manageable, both in the definition of processes and in user management and platform access.


Optimize time and resources

Corporate supplier control.
Ensures regulatory compliance.
Improves the experience with suppliers.
Improves the efficiency of corporate resources allocated to these tasks.
Supplier evaluation that allows improving services and saving costs.
Fully integrable.

Target and Timing


3 months.

Who is it intended for?

All types of companies.


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