Virtoom 100% secure Documentation

Gestycontrol's solution for Virtual Data Room (VDR) consists of a secure digital platform for conducting sensitive or high-risk transactions. It is an online repository for storing and distributing documentation with sensitive information in operations such as mergers, acquisitions, loans, private equity or venture capital transactions...

Our platform provides controlled and secure access to all parties involved in different operations. Confidential information is restricted based on user profile permissions, from uploading, editing, or deleting to read-only access without the possibility of capturing, forwarding, copying, or printing.

More efficient than a physical data room, Virtoom becomes a key requirement for automating tasks in the due diligence process.



Simplicity above all

Agile and intuitive

Easily configurable, simple to use, and powerful in functionality.

Secure documentation

Compliance with data protection regulations and advanced user permission options with plugin-free viewing and editing.

Control and auditing

Measurement and tracking of activity within the room. Documentation available for compliance audits.


Workflow automation that simplifies the management of involved parties. Mass uploading of files and folders.

Integration with other systems

Bidirectional automatic updates with client applications.

Modular and adaptable

Configurable tool through modules to add additional functionalities.


Optimize time and resources

Improves security when sharing sensitive documentation.
Access control and easily configurable revocable permission levels.
Automated workflow.
Modular and adaptable to your company's needs.
Integrable with corporate applications.
Audit reports and complete control of activity in each room.

Target and timing


3 months.

Who is it intended for?

All types of companies with commercial operations.


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