ProfileGuard Digital Provider of Identity

ProfileGuard is an Identity Provider (IdP) developed by Gestycontrol that creates, stores, and manages digital identities. ProfileGuard can directly authenticate users of an application or provide authentication services to external providers such as APIs, websites, or any other digital service.

Depending on the needs, ProfileGuard can verify identities by user and password combination (or any other factor); or provide a list of identities that another Single Sign-On service provider checks (Occess).

ProfileGuard securely stores identity records to ensure that an attacker cannot use them to impersonate users.



Simplicity above all

Two-factor authentication

More secure than simple password systems by requiring a temporary access code.

Permission management

Safeguards user privacy by protecting access to restricted data, such as system status and contact information, and restricted actions, such as connecting to a linked device or recording audio.

Delegated authentication

Open authentication protocols allow a single user's access to multiple applications. Optimizing both the resources dedicated to user management and the tasks required for proper maintenance. Avoiding each application from building and maintaining its own user database.

Single application portal

The single portal will also serve as a powerful auditing tool that will allow you to know who, when, and where a specific user accessed.

Total integration

Occess will be fully integrated with all corporate applications that allow access through validation against ADFS/OAuth2 and with legacy applications, providing all the advantages of both Reverse Proxy and two-factor authentication.


Optimize time and resources

Improves efficiency in access processes.
Integrable with corporate applications and legacy applications.
Improves efficiency in user databases by simplifying access to each application.
Total control over application access.
Extensive knowledge and experience in the sector. Turnkey project development.

Target and Timing


3 months.

Who is it intended for?

All types of companies with their own infrastructure.


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